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Cross Country Signage

Athletes run between red and white flags, keeping the red flag to the left and the white flag to the right.
Relatively straight sections of the course are marked with sets of these red and white flags.
Where there is a significant change of direction, a yellow flag is placed next to either the red or white flag.
When passing through the set of flags, the runner turns on the same side on which the yellow flag is placed (left in the example) and seeks out the next red/white set of flags.
The yellow/red together indicates to the runner to turn left.
The yellow/white together indicates to the runner to turn white.
Large arrows can also be used to indicate the direction of a turn.
Signboards are another aid and are used at course junctions.
These signboards show the direction of the main course, and a minor loop (eg. 500m).
Runners should walk the course before the event to familiarise themselves with the signage used on that course.
The onus is on the runner to navigate the course in the chosen event.

In summary:

Keep red flags on the left, white flags on the right

Turn at yellow flags - yellow/red turn left, yellow/white turn right

Follow arrows and other direction signage


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